Friday, May 13, 2011

Harper tells Supreme Court to ignore benefits of safe drug injection sites
The Harper government has asked the Supreme Court of Canada to ignore mounds of evidence trumpeting the success of North America’s first supervised injection site for drug users, warning that the court should avoid becoming a “super legislature” by ruling on the wisdom of federal policy decisions.

Harper government trying to make linking to 'hate material' & anonymous posting online a crime.

Canadian Supreme Court rules PM and Ministers still except from freedom of information laws

From the article:
...she added that the court's decision could create loopholes by allowing ministers to keep specific documents secret by keeping them out of reach of the access-to-information regime. 

As it stands, Legault said, the access-to-information law is the only way Canadians can ensure they can hold government to account and are able to participate in the democratic process in a meaningful way

Alberta in talks with Nestle to privatize water

From the article:
First, the Tories are embarrassed that Nestle's chairman, Peter Brabeck-Lemathe, told Reuters he was "actively dealing with the government of Alberta to think about a water exchange.
The idea for an internal trading system is clearly in the works, but it's a radical concept for Alberta. The government is understandably spooked by the sudden spectre of foreign companies carting away our water to grow cocoa beans.

Bill C-52 to introduce legal warrant-less wiretapping of internet in Canada

Here is an excellent post on Reddit summarizing what the bill will do:

And a letter from the Canadian Privacy Commission about the bill itself and the dangers it poses: